Eagles and Crows.

Why is it that the Eagle, and the Hawk are individuals, and seemingly noble hunters, while the vultures and noisy crows hunt in groups? I’ve never dreamed of a hawk or an eagle attacking me, but have had vivid dreams of the evil cawing crows trying to do me harm. I’ve run from them on numerous occasions in my nightmares, barely surviving the chase many times. Often, having to jump over a chasm or a deep precipice in order to escape.

Why is it wolves hunt in packs, tearing the flesh from their victims, but the mountain lion hunts alone? Why do the hyenas slaver and quiver in the wake of the lioness’s kill on the Savanna?

It seems that although most animals hunt their prey, we consider those who congregate in loud cacophonous groups to have evil intent. I wonder if it’s because we humans are so far removed from the true predator/prey cycle, that we don’t understand it anymore. We don’t recognize that we are part of it.

We consider ourselves above it…even though many humans still kill for sport or fun, and most of the time with a gun as our weapon. We keep the odds heavily in our favor.

With our rise above other animals on our planet on the evolutionary scale, we have mentally separated ourselves from nature’s plan.

Now recently we humans have found ourselves accosted by some of the smallest of living things suddenly preying upon us, sickening and killing us. Something we cannot kill with a gun or a knife.

I expect it will one day be one of these tiny creatures who decimates our population and brings us back in balance with the rest of the life on our planet. I don’t think it would take nature very long at all to grow over our towns and cities, hiding our greatest architectural achievements and our centers of culture.

And if somehow there are enough of us to start over again, which direction would we grow? Would we once again follow the paths we’ve walked that have led us into the mostly pack mentality we share with the wolves, the crows and the hyenas….or would we maybe make a few changes and soar like an eagle?

We may one day find out

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