Trying not to Hate

Have you ever caught yourself saying: “I just HATE……so, and so…” person?

I’ve been guilty of it a lot. I’m trying to quit saying “I hate” though.

The reason, in my case, is very simple. I don’t know any of the people I have just offhandedly tossed that phrase towards. I…don’t….know…them.

I think for most of the “I hate’s” it has been a dislike, or disagree instead.

After Antonin Scalia died a couple of weeks back, I watched a good bit of his funeral. I saw the love his family had for him, his children and his friends. I certainly had disagreed with him on many things in a philosophical way. But, I did not know the man. I only knew what I knew about him…from articles, videos, televison. I had no idea really, who the man actually was…same thing for some of our current political stock, on both sides.

So, as I thought about it, I thought back about other people in the past at whom I had thrown that phrase.

I didn’t know them.

Of people who I actually knew, actually had a relationship with over a long period of time, I could think of nobody that I “hated”

I have a couple of people who I had close relationships with in various ways who were close….but even now I have let that go…I have let it go..

It’s a word of such finality, and should not be used flippantly as I have used it in the past. As we often use it in our vernacular today.

I have certainly disagreed with a lot of people in politics, in religion, in sports, in all walks of life many times. I should never have said I hated them. I didn’t, and I don’t. It was just something to say.

There’s a huge difference between not agreeing and hating, and we should all think about that difference before we make the statement.

I’m going to try and do better…