Failure and Wisdom

Life’s most precious lessons are more likely to be learned when you fail, and we all will fail at some point…or many points in our life. What’s important is that we learn from our failures. Don’t do the same failed things over and over again and expect different results. I’ve done that. It’s insanity.

Failure, and the lessons we take from those failures will show us the way to what can be our own success. Of course it differs from person to person. If my idea of success was to be rich, then I’d be a failure. If my idea of being a success is having a great and loving family, then I’ve done better.

Remember, failure and the lessons we learn are the core of what comprises experience. They are the nucleus of what is considered in many cultures to be wisdom. The wisdom that comes with age. It’s not as valued here in our country as it is in many countries….the ones who keep their elders with them, and don’t put them away in institutions.

Never underestimate experience. Never devalue wisdom.

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