The Cold Winters of the 80’s

It’s cold now, but now as cold as it’s ever been. The Winters of the 1980’s were AWFUL.

Following are some all time lows for Alabama and Georgia:

Lows that hit Alabama in mid-January of 1985.

For that period of time the Heart of Dixie was cold. How cold? Here are the low temperature records set then:

Anniston, -5; Auburn, -7; Dothan, 0; Florence, -11; Fort Payne, -14; Gulf Shores, 9; Montgomery, -3; Tuscaloosa, -3.

Here are the 10 coldest temps recorded in Atlanta:

-9 degrees, Feb. 13, 1899

-8, Jan. 21, 1985

-6, Jan. 20, 1985

-5, Jan. 11, 1982

-3, Jan. 30. 1966

-3, Jan. 24, 1963

-2, Jan. 10, 1982

-1, Jan. 6, 1884

0, Dec. 25, 1983

0, Jan. 17, 1982I

I remember those cold winters during the 80’s and I know it was colder in North Georgia than it was in Atlanta. I remember having to get up under the old house on ninth street in Trion and using candles, wood fires, and propane torches to thaw out those metal pipes! Laying on the ground for hours and thawing those pipes was no fun. After the first couple of years, I went to the hardware store and was able to buy insulation that snapped around the pipes and I didn’t have to thaw them much after that.