Finding the Truth

How can we know truth? The truth is, that there IS no absolute truth. There are laws. There are rules.

There are laws of nature…but they are not truth.

There are laws of physics. But those are not absolute truths.

There are rules of religion, but they are not truths.

There are laws of governments, but those certainly are not truths.

How do we arrive at the truth? If the truth lies within the human mind, we will never arrive at the truth, because the human mind is not capable. We devised the rules, and they are ever changing. No two human beings live by the exact same truths. We may believe some things in common, but not all things.

Siblings, Sons and daughters, Mothers and Fathers, Husbands and wives, partners, lovers, friends. None know truth exactly the same.

Just remember this the next time you wonder why someone does not think the same way you do, or when you cannot change someone’s mind.

We all live within our own separate Universe, and even a perfect circle looks imperfect to some.

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