My Time Here

I think, and I think…next month I will be 69. Seems young still, but unless I’m an exception to the rule…and my own genealogical roots, time is as they say, not quite on my side anymore.

Yet I believe I am a lucky human. I believe I was born and grew up in the greatest age ever in human history. I don’t have a bunch of statistics, or studies to back me up. Just a gut feeling, a bunch of wonderful memories and nagging nip of nostalgia that sometimes bites like a Bulldog. Certainly too, that nostalgia becomes more and more intense as the years go by.

The first scions of the electronic age, we baby boomers…the first TV generation. Say what you will…that one invention and its multiple non stop related spin offs have had more effect on us, and continue to do so, than anything imaginable when our parents undertook to win World War II.

The fundamental functions of the entire world have changed so dramatically in my short but long lifetime. I don’t know what lies ahead in the next 67 years. I see so many changes taking place in technology, in culture, and in the geology and climate of our world. I know things will be vastly different 67 years from now. I have some young grandchildren who I hope will still be walking this earth to see what is here, and I hope they are able to be agents for change for the better in this world.

I swear that I will hope and pray those years will bring more and better things to my children and their children.. I understand completely that every generation holds a certain fondness for their “time” I know though, even if I were offered with absolute certainty another 67 to go with what I already have, I would have to say no…just give me a few more…give me what I need to go along gently with the rest of the generation into which I was placed…that’ll be plenty for me, because I have dang sure enjoyed being a tiny cog in that juggernaut of change. I have relished this life and everything which goes with it, and I still do every single day, and I still will every single day that I draw a breath.

I love all of you people. Take care.

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