Jefferson And Hamilton

I think our politicians of this day and age would be wise to look back in History at the work of some of our prior politicians. For example Thomas Jefferson: America’s early History is a time known for a flurry of political debate as partisan politics came into existence. Perhaps one of the most legendary examples is the political battle between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, which resulted from Jefferson’s belief in strict construction, versus Hamilton’s belief of loose construction. At the time, it was thought that the party differences between the Federalists and Republicans would eventually cause America to fail as a nation. After Jefferson became president it was evident that America would continue to survive and prosper. Therefore it was probable that Jefferson’s success was largely due to his willingness to compromise on several significant issues of the time, rather than align himself solely with the ultra-radicals of the Republican party. Thomas Jefferson’s political flexibility as President was precedent setting. Jefferson was able to squelch the doom sayings of both the Republicans and Federalists while demonstrating that political unity is still a possibility as long as both sides are able to compromise. This is embodied by Jefferson’s quote, “We are all republicans — we are all federalists”; such a profound quote show the truly patriotic values of Jefferson. Although he was staunchly involved in partisan politics, unlike John Adams for example, he was ready to do what was right for his nation rather than only his party. Such wisdom was only matched by George Washington, who warned America about the evils of political parties, yet Jefferson managed to create an environment where both parties and patriotism can coexist. This is very important because if not for Jefferson’s compromises, American politics would have become hopelessly deadlocked, (as they are now, in 2013) and it can only be imagined what would have resulted from such political turmoil.

Diamonds and Stones

Some days are diamonds and some days are stones. However, all days are good days to be alive, even the slightly bad ones, even still the terrible ones. We learn something even from the extremes.

I have had some days lately which have been a little frustrating. A lot of it is me. Something is happening to me….I don’t quite know what yet. I sleep all the time, day and night, and still feel pooped. But that’s no excuse to lose my temper, my nerve, my resolve, my humanity, my tact, my politeness and misplace my love. I forget what I am put here to do, and then remember it when it’s too late and I have already hurt someone I didn’t mean to hurt. Apologies are good things, but you can’t ever take back words once they have come out of your mouth, and someone has heard them. Guess it’s better to think before you speak isn’t it. I haven’t quite mastered that yet, probably never will.

Well then, tomorrows another day as Scarlett O’Hara would say, and I am hopeful I will see the sun rise again, and have a chance to try one more time to get this “living” thing done right. After all, we only get so many chances don’t we?


Another October is fixing to come around. My favorite month of the year. My birth month. The “season changing” month, as we usually have our first frost here in the South during October. It’s a month of beautiful colors, courtesy of Mother Nature and her leaf filled trees. All the russet reds, and every shade of gold imaginable. I can’t count the times I’ve simple just stood at the foot of some large hill, or short mountain and gazed up in awe at the beauty.

I love the smell of burning leaves, and of the sweet wood firing up in people’s fireplaces and wood stoves. It’s a lot of work to do it on a regular basis as your only source of heating though. I tried it for a couple of cold winters back in the eighties, and gained a very healthy respect for our ancestors who used to have to roll out of bed early on those frosty mornings, and stoke up a warming fire! I went back to gas!

I love the bright orange pumpkins laying out in the fields, and the fresh rolled and bailed hay all stacked up neatly. The corn stalks gathered up in big circles, looking like giant teepees.

I thrill at the flights of birds overhead. The Canadian geese, and the blackbirds which still fill the tall trees. I remember as a child, laying in the brown October grass and watching millions of those blackbirds headed South overhead. I couldn’t believe there were so many. Now, there aren’t that many.

There’s Halloween at the end of the month, the day we always used to look forward to most as children. I mean, what kid wouldn’t? Free candy! Tricky tricks! All in good fun for the most part. No store bought costumes for me though. Usually it was some variation of one of Mom’s old bed sheets a’la’ Charlie Brown. (Who by the way, shares the same birthday as me) I suppose I’m more than a little bit like that boy!

October is the gateway to Thanksgiving and then to the Christmas season, which makes me love it even more. My family used to visit my Grandparents more during this time of the year, and I will always remember those days of fun and enjoyment of my youth. Those long ago days, which started in October. My favorite month. My favorite times…