Dreaming of post Apocalyptic America

The Soviet Union has approximately 7500 nuclear weapons, all many times stronger than the ones used in Japan. China has 250, Pakistan 100+. Israel has 80 or so.

Other nations in the nuclear club with multiple nuclear weapons are India, France, Great Britain, North Korea, and of course the United States. Many other non Nuclear nations such as Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey have other people’s nuclear weapons staged there.

Many, many other nations have nuclear alliances with the above nations. 23 of them by my count, mostly U. S. and Russian allies…Australia, Canada, Albania, etc

Yes, you read that correctly. Israel has 80.

If a nuclear accident or war ever starts it will more than likely come from the above stated participants in the nuclear club. The entire world remains in terrible danger while there are ANY nuclear weapons in the world. All nations need to push for treaties and agreements which not only keep other nations out of this deadly club, but which start to reduce the numbers of these warheads to zero. I’m satisfied I will never see it in my lifetime, and it gives me great pause when people inside the United States say things such as “we should not make deals with terrorists, we should KILL terrorists!” (speaking of the potential treaty with Iran)

Does that sound like the kind of rhetoric which should be coming from a peaceful country??? Would you think other countries which hear this type of speech would think they could trust our country to keep OUR word in any type of peace agreement? Sadly, neither do I.

I dreamed last night of a post apocalyptic America, and it wasn’t a good dream. It was vivid, and it was grim. That’s all I want to say about that….