My Dad

My Dad was my best friend. He did so much for me during my lifetime that I could never list it all if I tried.

He was an encourager when I needed it, and a disciplinarian when he had to be. He helped me cut wood to keep my family warm. He gave me vegetables out of his garden when we needed food.

He loved my children very, very much. He loved my wife like she was his own daughter. He was not perfect, and neither am I…so he taught me that you don’t HAVE to be perfect to be a good Father, just be there.

The last time I heard his voice was on May 22 2010..about 6:45 a.m. I wish almost every day that I could talk to him just one more time. I try to be half the Daddy that he was to me.

Miss you Dad, you were a good one. I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow, and wishing I could catch a fish, or whack a golf ball in your memory…or make somebody laugh like you always could.

If I had the chance…I put this arm around you….then the other arm around you….and squeeze hard!!

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