My Life

It’s hard to fathom, impossible to describe, how much the world has changed in 50 years. I can’t begin….

I asked Paula, if she could go back to this day 50 years ago…would she? She answered just like I did. Yes, yes we’d go back again and do it all over, live it all over again, and not change a thing. Not one thing, for if even if one little thing was changed…everything would be changed, and there’s nothing I would want to be any different than it is now.

Oh, there have been hard times for sure, sorrows…pain. There’s been some days that I was a little bit like Jimmy Stewart in “Its a Wonderful Life”. But, things change. If you believe in life, and believe in those you love, things change. My life really has been a wonderful life. I couldn’t have asked for anything any better.

The world does not owe us anything. Life didn’t owe me anything, but it has given me so much. I’m grateful for every bit of what I’ve had , and I’ll take whatever I have left.