Paula and drove to Blue Ridge today for lunch and a quick drive to some places we went during our “honeymoon” 50 years ago. It was a simple week, staying in a little suite we thought would have long ago been torn down. To our surprise the little cottage units were still there, albeit a little careworn. I’m not sure what they called them back then. “Something” cottages. It was somewhere close enough that we could drive there in a couple of hours. It was right next to the lake. It was close to Cherokee N.C., which was going to be one of our main “trips” while we were there.

Paula reminded me that the cabin with the car parked next to it was where the National Forest ranger lived back in ‘69. We had driven our old ‘64 Ford Galaxy over onto the dam and it went dead. Had a bad alternator. We walked back to the ranger’s house and he gave me a ride to my Uncle’s house where I could get his help with the car. Paula stayed with the Ranger’s wife and kids.

Turns out, the car would have to be pushed off every time it needed starting…no much of a problem, just a little push. We lived with it while we were there. But, the day we were going to leave, I couldn’t get the locking gas cap off the car to put gas in it. We started back home from Blue Ridge with a half a tank of gas in a 350, 8 cylinder Ford…praying it would make it the 90 miles home. I coasted down from the top of Fort Mountain in neutral…could not turn the engine off because there would have been no brakes or steering, since they were power brakes and power steering.

The engine was running on fumes when we coasted into eighth street. Turns out, the gas cap was cross threaded onto the top, and we needed a new alternator. (And battery)

Fortunately, we had a luckier day today and had a nice lunch and a quick drive through some of the places we remember. Wish we’d had time to visit.

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