From 2012- I still feel this way. I’m glad that in late 2014 I decided to start exercising and walking. It’s helped my physical well being a lot:

The forecast is for beautiful days over the next week. Many of us are going to be able to get out and work in the yard, take a walk, enjoy a cup of coffee on the patio or the porch and watch the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

We have so much. I am trying my very best to concentrate on all these good things which I have been given and not dwell on the things which are not so good.

I want more than anything to spend more time with my family. I realized yesterday while watching two of my granddaughters at a Band concert that it was just a blink of an eye ago when they were babies…toddlers, preschool. Now, one is going into High School next year.

I cannot do the things I used to do. I tried to work a little in the yard yesterday and almost made myself sick. Physical work is out of my ability to perform as I want to, because of my limitations.

But perhaps my heart was changed beyond what they did to repair it, while I laid there without a heart beat for 40 minutes. I think it changed my needs. I can let the grass grow long, and the bushes go untrimmed and the digging left undug in exchange for being able to love my family.

Our creator’s gift which came along with my infirmity was time…that most precious thing, and the ability to use it to love, that most divine thing. I am thankful. Never let anything that I say convince you otherwise.

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