God’s Time

I sometimes wonder when the Universe was created, what the creator had in mind?

Is the Universe like the wonderful, super high quality pocket watches that the immensely talented Swiss watch makers create? So good a product, that you simply wind them up on a regular basis, and they keep on running day after day for decades. They rarely ever needed cleaning because the cases were so tight and dust proof. The jeweled movements were so accurate that men in the streets would look at their watches when “Big Ben” chimed in the streets of old London, and say: “Hrummp, forty seconds off according to my Bregeut..”.

Yes, they were that good, and today’s modern timepieces are even more accurate! But wait, the discussion started out with a discussion about the creator of the Universe! I regress a bit, or do I?

When God created the Universe, Time was also created. We humans, in our tiny attempt to understand God, have created our own small way of attempting to keep up with one small aspect of that incomprehensible creation. It’s one of the most logical and true ways, however. Would that our philosophy of all other things having to do with religion and the treatment of our fellow man, be as logical, humane and high quality as our ability to keep up with time.

When the bill comes due one day, I suspect that even our logical ideas concerning God’s time will be archaic and childlike. Where then will the sum and substance of all our other less logical philosophies fall? I can’t even really wrap my mind around it.

If faith is really the answer, what then is the real question?

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