Love not Hate

I love music…almost any kind. I love music played with a stringed instrument most of all. I think, even though I pluck a guitar a little, I love to hear a violin…played by someone who knows how to handle the instrument. I’ve heard recordings of Heifitz, and I’ve heard Charlie Daniels and I like them both. I think piano ranks 2nd. I often wish I had taken piano lessons….I admire good pianists.

I love light also. Light enables us to be able to take a photograph…a frozen moment of time if you will, and a photographer’s worth depends upon how well he can gauge and use the light to his advantage when catching the frozen moment. I love to capture those moments when I can.

I love the ocean too..the primal, primordial part of most human beings draw us to the ocean, with all its life and its vastness. I think it’s no coincidence that our bodies are almost the same proportion of liquid to solid as the oceans are to the land. I could watch the waves break for hours.

We each love different things about our lives. That’s what gives us our own unique perspective within our own personal universe where we reside. I don’t expect anyone else to like everything I like, or vice versa. I do think however, if we all could just take a moment and genuinely respect other people’s right to their own “likes” and not criticize because it’s not something on “our” list, the world would be a wonderful place.

Think about it next time before you start a sentence with “I hate those…….”

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