Love is Given Face to Face

Information is now so “directed” that it almost seems like an “upside down pyramid” system, where tons of disparate “news” and questionable blocks of “knowledge” are aimed at just you…and you alone. It’s impersonal, but oh so important!

It’s sort of like a story I heard a couple of weeks ago about how the government was going to “get into” reducing the number of phishing and nuisance phone calls which Americans get. Since I heard the story, I’ve gotten twice as many calls! Maybe it’s the “last gasp” of the phishing telemarketing thieves…but I doubt it.

A huge number of evil spirits flew out of the Pandora’s box we call “the worldwide web” back when the lid was opened. They cannot be put back, and I seriously question whether or not they can even be controlled.

Remember that good is something mostly given when you personally look at, or touch someone in person. Love is given face to face in all but the rarest of cases.

The weight of an upside down pyramid on our figurative heads is going to drive some of us insane, and is going to cause many to continue to make decisions which are based on clicks transmitted through thin air.

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