Be Happy in the Moment

As humans it is good to be happy in the moment, for a moment. If a moment’s happiness turns into a minute, then an hours, then a days happiness, then a week……..?

Does anyone have a weeks happiness in this day and age?

I hope many people do. I believe we are more likely to have happiness if we control our thoughts, and restrict our expectations to being happy with those things and people who are close to us.

It’s when we let outside influences, divisive information, and negative thinking into our daily circle of activity, that our happiness is reduced. Of course, it’s might near impossible to not let it in. No man is an island.

I only hope that as the years go by, our generations that follow us becomes more adept at compartmentalizing the bad, and dealing with it more effectively and efficiently than I am able to do.

I think they will.

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