Climate Change ( even if you don’t agree)

Today I wondered about the future. I heard them talking this morning on NPR about how the ocean will rise by about 2 meters ( six feet) by the year 2100. According to the scientists who were talking, that means that a storm worse than hurricane Sandy, with a storm surge 6 ft higher than it was in 2012. The storm surge that did so much damage in New Jersey and New York City was 13 feet. With the increased ocean level it would be 19 ft.

If one of these storms occur every three to four years, the damage caused by them would render repairs in New York city and surrounding areas untenable. You wouldn’t get everything repaired before another storm comes through and tears it up again. This means that many coastal cities along our East coast would be in big time hot water.

Now, I don’t know if the scientists are right, but I have a tendency to believe them. They have the facts and figures to back up their assumptions. I won’t be around in the year 2100, but I worry that our country won’t be prepared for what is going to take place.

I hope that my descendants will be able to figure out a way to slow things down, or a lot of the population of the United States is going to be living at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. That won’t be good.

Perhaps tonight if I get more than 4 hours sleep and don’t feel out of sorts all day, I will be more optimistic tomorrow. I hope so.

Ocean front property in West Virginia anyone?

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