Make America Good

“Make American Great Again” is a motto being used by a politician. But he’s not the only one who tries to intimate that previous times in the history of our country have been “greater” than now. My question is, when were those times?

I’ve read a lot of the history of this country. A lot of history that is hard to get, A lot of history books that are hard to get. A lot of different points of view. I minored in History in College (actually one of my two minors) I have had a more than passing interest in the history of our country. I can’t find a time in the history of America in which we were really “great” for every sector and factor of our country. For every race and creed. For every economic level of our country. So, I want to know, when they speak of making America “great again” what are they talking about?

Why not instead talk about making America great for everyone? Why not do it now? America is the best country in the world, even with all of it’s problems. Lets learn to work together for the good of every single person who is in this country regardless of what they believe. Let us solve the problems we have now, and not create more of them by building walls instead of bridges. We are better than this. We are better than what the politicians are telling us we are. How dare they insist that we are such bigots and haters!

Gravitate towards acceptance of everyone, the equality of everyone, the respect of everyone, the compassion towards everyone. Gravitate towards the opinion that everyone is entitled to HAVE an opinion, and even though it might be different than yours, don’t hate them for it. Negotiate, talk out problems in a calm and civil manner. No more of this bullshit yelling and calling people names and threatening to shoot them cause they are different from you.

I’m tired of it, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

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