Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer

Sadness and melancholy creep in, as I think of what might have been.

If I’d been a little smarter, or a little bit more kind,

Could I have really changed the world, or maybe just one mind?

The mind that could have saved us all, and led us to great things,

But I wasn’t paying attention, I was thinking of the troubles life brings:

Paying bills, and 60 hour weeks….all that overtime.

I didn’t have the will to seek, that one imperfect mind.

The one I could have nurtured, wouldn’t have taken the fall.

The one who turned to baser things, he might have saved us all.

It’s the curse of my generation, the fault is mostly mine.

I wish I’d paid attention, and been a bit more kind.

Larry Bowers

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