I Can’t See the Wind

The spirit rises, and the pragmatist subsides, and I think of all the things I do not know…nor will I ever know.

I cannot see the wind, but I know it is there because it blows my hair in my eyes. If I cannot see the wind, what else can I not see?

I cannot hear the sounds that the wolf hears, and many other animals besides him. What sounds are there that even the most sensitive of animals cannot hear? What does the Universe whisper just beyond our ability to detect, that may hold secrets we do not know.

I know I can only sense certain things within the capabilities of my brain to process, and I wish I had the eyes of an eagle, combined with the eyes of an owl, and the radar of a bat. Even still, there would be things that could not be sensed.

The world we live in is a deep mystery, within a Universe with which we are barely acquainted. We are like a new swimmer paddling along on top of the great oceans, thinking that all existence is what we see and feel at that very moment, when beneath us lying deep and huge, is a vast store of knowledge we are not even seeking out. Just beneath the surface.

I’m excited by people who can look at life as a quest for facts, but who still believe that human understanding can only progress so far without intersecting with the place in space and time which will never be quantifiable by any means, or explainable by any words. I am confident that we will find something on the other side of that last door we go through, and it will be something good. It will not be what any of us expect it to be….not what any human explains it to be. But we will run to it with open arms, because it will be all too familiar once that door is opened.

Count on it. Honestly, I would not say it if I did not fervently believe it.

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