America the Ugly

I’m angry. I’m angry with a lot of the people in America, this “land of the free, and home of the brave”.

I’m angry with the direction American’s seem to want to follow. The direction of harshness. The direction of bias and bigotry. The direction of exclusion. The direction of hatred and condemnation. The embrace of leaders who fan the flames of the fires of discord. Leaders whose lies and deceptions are echoed on media outlets whose only purpose is to keep Americans divided.

I’m angry that so called Christian Americans act more like self righteous know it alls, than followers of the most empathetic human being who ever lived.

To let a person lead them who has the morals of a gangster, the sexual perversions of a lecher? A man who is a glutton, a cheater, a hedonist, a promise breaker, an animal hater, an ignorant uneducated oaf, who basks only in the undeserved  adoration and adolation of masses of mindless crowds of screaming, frothing and uncharacteristically mesn human beings?

People who believe a man with no morals and no conscience, was “sent by God” to be President of this country, when the only reason God would send him as leader would be to punish our country for the genocide of its original inhabitants, and the enslavement of people of color for hundreds of years.

People who do not care about existing orphans and hungry children, but only about denying women the choice concerning their own body, and what to do or not do with it.

People who would be enthralled with a leader who cannot open his mouth without lies and embellishments of the truth spilling out of it.

I’m angry that murderous leaders of dictatorial countries seem to control the direction of our government more than the elected representatives who actually live here and who care about the country and it’s people.

When Putin can threaten us directly with nuclear holocaust without our President reacting, I’m angry. What American President in our history would have put up with this?

What American President would let a Turkish dictator tell us how our Mideast foreign policy should be conducted. Would let a corrupt Israeli Prime Minister call the shots. Would let a Saudi Arabian despot murder a journalist who worked for one of our own newspapers, and get away with it.

All while at the same time bellow and bitch about putting a “big beautiful” huge wall on our Southern border to keep out workers. To keep out women and children seeking asylum from repression, violence, rape and murder? To separate patents from their children with no plans to one day reunite them?

I cannot help but see a bleak future for America.  I see an America that is closer to a Civil War than at any time since 1860.  I hope I’m wrong, but I’m a pretty mild man and  if I am angry, as angry as I am, then I can only imagine how others who are less temperate and thinking than I am are feeling.

Weapon and ammunition purchases are at all time highs.  You don’t have to wonder what people think they are going to be using them for if you are even slightly to the negative side in your thinking.

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