Olaf the Black, or the White Horse

In the Mormon “White Horse Prophecy” the United States Constitution is “hanging by a thread” (Republican Senators refusing Obama his Constitutional right to name a Supreme Court justice, Trump threatening the First amendment..and much more) and a member of the Mormon priesthood rides in on a metaphorical White horse to save the Constitution and our country.

Four years ago, the extreme constitutional issues that exist today, did not exist. It was not time for the White Horse. This election cycle…perhaps, probably…especially if you believe in those types of things.

I could see, if Rubio wins Florida, and Kasich wins Ohio, that there would be a contested convention. After the first vote, delegates can vote for whoever they want, including Mitt Romney. And he will be there, ready to accept, because I believe that HE believes in this prophecy. He took aim at Hillary Clinton today, just as if he were running against her already…right after he decimated Donald Trump.

Romney is thinking of the momentum he would have coming out of the Republican convention as the Republican party’s savior. He thinks it would be almost insurmountable especially considering Hillary Clintons continued problems.

Of course Donald Trump considers himself to be a “prophetic” candidate also, being a descendant of Clan McCleod, through his mother Mary Anne McCleod.

The Macleod Clan descended from the bloodline of Olaf the Black. Olaf was a mid 13th century sea king who ruled the Isle of Man (Mann) and parts of the Hebrides. Basically, Olaf was a Viking King who spanned both the pagan and Christianization of the Vikings. Olaf the Black was not just a Viking, he was Scottish, native Celtic, and the last of the Norse kings.

As a descendent of Olaf, Trump considers himself a Norse/Celtic “king” entitled to greatness. Why keep up the blonde hair, the tanned skin, and of course the Aryan view of everyone else in the world who is not like him?

So…which prophecy wins out, the White horse, or the second coming of Olaf the Black?

Footnote: since I first wrote this, the White Horse has made a comeback. Maybe his time is still to come.

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