Old times in Trion

I look at the photos of our new “mega-gym” and it looks like a college gym…wow. Quite nice, but I think back to the old “Y” and I’m so glad I grew up with it! I’d love to take a time trip back and play in our old intramural basketball league “The playboys” Me and Marion Wingfield, Jim Warnock, Agnew Myers, and….heck I don’t remember now boys, help me out…maybe Don Reynolds? Bad when you can’t remember.

We had the grill, wonderful cherry cokes and great hot dogs. We had an indoor heated pool! J.W. Greenwood taught me to swim in that pool. That man loved his students! Helped teach me baseball, golf. He was good at it all and dedicated because he loved this town and its kids.

We had the Weight room, pool tables, ping pong…all that good stuff. I think the Webb’s and the Maddux boys were in charge of that area…leastwise I remember them being there a lot. We had our proms up in that gym, on that ancient hard wood floor, and never once worried about falling through into the pool on the level underneath..it was a well built place. I left a lotta sweat out in that gym from PE classes with Sam McCain, Gordon Jones, J.W., and Donnie Hayes. Also, a lot of good and BAD memories.

All in the 60’s! I don’t know what we woulda done with a huge gym…We really wouldn’t have needed it back then. Guess we were a little provincial. We had some great football teams, and players. Wallace Clark, was as fast and tough a running back as I can remember. Stacy Searels came along a little later as did the 74 championship team. Good players all. And they got their share of “the glory” They deserved their “bylines” and they got them.

I look back at my old copies of the “Bulldog” Barker, and see where back in the 60’s we had all kinds of stories. Features about writing, people, academic activities, some fiction sometimes. Ms. Wingfield believed in a balanced approach. Sports had its place, but wasn’t the only thing in the Barker, like this past weeks issue was. There were other things which were equally important. Plus she taught…really taught journalism. I can’t count the number of rewrites I had to do. I wrote about Homecoming Queens, Honor Roll, Teachers profiles, Student profiles, Literary meets, book reviews, poetry, the Band…You name it. I remember Billy Hyden being in there with me and I think Bink Dawson, but again…can’t remember it all, wish I could. I mean no disrespect to whoever currently is over this area. I just loved Mrs Wingfield.

I watched a professional football game tonight where it appeared to me a bunch of millionaires were trying to hurt and maim each other. They were constantly in each other’s face talking smack. Seems to be that way in many sports at that level. I get to where I hope my grandkids don’t choose to go that path. I wonder sometimes if we don’t put too much emphasis on sports to the detriment of other things. Hey, we’re falling behind a lot of other countries academically, but by dang…We got the NFL! We got the NBA! Some of the citizens of those burgeoning foreign countries may OWN them one day…hell they already own some, I reckon.

We got our new gym though, and I’m proud of that. I just hope we will provide great facilities like that for our band, for kid’s who want to sing and work in the arts. Great facilities for kids who want to learn to garden and grow things, to raise animals. Kids who won’t ever go to college on a sports scholarship. Kids who will grow up doing the “ordinary” things that keep the world running.

There is a place in our world for all of these and more. In my heart I hope we are doing enough for all of them.

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