The Weather and Life

Obviously winter is hard upon us. They say later this week, the coldest temperatures in a decade. Not as cold as the winters of 80 and 81 though. Those were cold winters. The temperatures ran below zero for several days in a row. My pipes froze, and I had to crawl up under the house with only large wax candles to thaw them. I thought I would freeze solid as a board, but…I didn’t. I got it done.

Those same summers there were many days in a row over 100 degrees. I worked as a supervisor at a mattress company, and what didn’t get done during regular work hours I had to do by myself after hours…I was “on salary” you see. I loaded whole tractor trailer loads alone. I thought I was going to collapse, but I got it done.

Two extremes in weather, two extremely hard times. A microcosm of my life…of many of our lives. Despite the extremes, and at many times when we would have liked to remain more “in our comfort zones” we have gotten it done. For my family, to put food on the table, to have a few things…just a few..beyond the absolute necessities, I have done these things, and did not regret them.

I started out as a baby…like in the photo I found of me and my Daddy…but now I approach that other extreme. From birth to death, and all the beauty or ugliness I have seen and done, I do not regret…and one day they will say of me, he may not have been the best, but…he got it done.