by Larry Bowers

Read it in the newspaper,

Seen it on T.V.

Cholesterol and fatty foods,

Aren’t good for you and me.

We oughta’ sue the doctors,

Who told us years ago,

“Eat milk and cheese, and beef and eggs,

And cook stuff with Crisco!”

If we thought about it hard,

We would really kick their asses.

Instead we’re paying some of those same Docs,

For quadruple heart bypasses!

Computer Terminal


by Larry Bowers

Nowadays electronics have taken over,

And all newfangled gizmos baffle me.

I don’t know what makes the dang things work,

I’m a technocratic amputee.

Worst thing I have found is a computer.

When I touch it, I must catch a germinal.

Or maybe it is just computer virus.

I guess that’s why they call the thing a terminal!



by Larry Bowers

I would like to write this poem today,

But instead I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

Or next week………

Or next month………

Or next year……………..

Way Out There

I was walking around inside our local meeting place recently…pushing my buggy to get a few groceries. I rounded a corner and came across an old aquaintence of mine coming the other way. “Howdy” I said “Hey there” they said. “You know, I been meaning to tell you the next time I saw you that you have some really strange ideas” they went on to say.

“Hows that”? said I

“I read some of the stuff you write on Facebook and some of it is really way out there. and kinda’ hard to understand”. they said

I thought about it for a moment. This individual wasn’t even a Facebook friend of mine, and I had never, ever seen a “like” or a comment from them on anything I have ever written. Must have been reading my posts from one of my friend’s accounts….

“Thanks” I said, as I moved on down the aisle with my buggy. “Good to see you”

It just goes to show you that you never know who you are reaching, or how they perceive what you are writing. This is, after all, a written medium. It’s often hard to convey sarcasm, humor, or veiled anger using the “typed” word. For me it’s even harder because I do tend to be wordy.

I guess I should have asked for more specifics, but I had very little time right then for discussion. I had to pick up some food to cook and it was late.

In any case, if you are out there reading this, next time we will have a longer talk.

As for the rest of you, I love you, or at least like you…stay safe.

Safe From the Storm


by Larry Bowers

Dark clouds out on the horizon start to form.

I pay them no mind, for I am safe from the storm.

The covers I used to use, to keep myself warm.

Lie folded in fourths, for I am safe from the storm.

And all the plans I used to have,

I held so close and dear,

Are left cold and abandoned,

Like this empty vessel here.

And all the words I never said,

That I wanted to express.

Now rest with me forever,

In the stillness of my breast.

Thunder and Lightning do your best,

You can’t do me any harm.

I’m not frightened anymore,

For I am safe from the storm.