Has the taffy pulled apart yet?

What is certain to be a divisive and decisive year in the political system of America continues. Honestly, I try to be open minded and see if I can discern the things which work from both sides which would be of benefit to all Americans. There are fewer and fewer people will who try to stand in the center and find common ground. If you try to do it, you are targeted by both extremes.

The country is like a big old piece of “Turkish taffee” with two big strong kids pulling on either end. The middle gets thinner and thinner, and pretty soon it’s gonna break and there will never be a chance to put it back together again. It happened once already 150 years ago, and we’re still feeling the effects from that.

Buy up canned tuna, bottled water, blankets and sterno and stay alert. Either that or drift on back by the middle sometime and see if we can’t get together on some stuff and move forward. There must be compromise because every single person can’t get every single thing they want.

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