3.8 billion years ago here on Earth, life was just getting started. It was at that critical time in a sector of space which is 3.8 billion light years away a catastrophic event occurred.

NPR reported on it last week, and said that the occurrence…which was 500 million times brighter than our sun, was the brightest event ever recorded since our ability to reach out into the Universe with telescopes. They don’t even know what it was, or what caused it.

Perhaps since the start of life on Earth coincided with this enormous flash of light, the two are somehow cosmically connected. Probably not though. Somehow it makes me feel rather small, insignificant, and lacking in knowledge, to even think logically about such things.

We think so highly of ourselves, our race, and our superior intellect…when we are so lacking. Compared to what’s actually ” out there” we know nothing.

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