Wisdom comes with a price. Sometimes the price is age. Yes oh yes…age! Yet many well minded but weak bodied elderly are buried long before they die!

Sometimes the price is pain. Sometimes the price is sacrifice and sometimes it is study. Sometimes wisdom comes with love which requires no reciprocation, and the price is humility. Sometimes it comes with giving which requires no acknowledgement, and the price is anonymity.

Some people gain more wisdom quickly because they are open to the ideas and opinions of others. Wisdom is hard to find in a mind made up to the certainty of all things, at the expense of the independent thought of others. Wisdom is understanding, and understanding can only be determined by the compassion to consider even some things with which you may not agree. Wisdom is respect shown until respect is no longer given.

I wish I were wise enough to be a problem solver instead of an observer. One day I hope to be that problem solver.

I’m working hard on it. I’ve got the age part down pat, but that’s the irony isn’t it? That’s the Catch-22 of human life!

Some of the other qualities continue to escape me, and probably always will due to my nature. God help me, because some days I cannot help myself.

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