Be a Doer

We seem to approach problems from the view of a spectator instead of a participant. We always wish “they” would do something to make “things” better. I think what we Americans, we humans should do is to become “doers and not talkers” as someone recently told me. I could certainly do more. I started today by giving 50 dollars to a little Filipino nurse who I have seen at the flea market every month or so for the past year or more. She buys a trinket or two almost every time I see her. She’s going to send the money to some of her family there.

I know this is kind of an outside the box way of doing things. But I trust her more than the Red Cross. She always comes around with her Mom, who is a sly bargainer!

It’s not only that though…it’s looking at life from inside the game. Playing with a passion for the good of others no matter the size of the “good” No good deed is to small to do. No good thing is too small to bother with. From petting your puppy to donating a kidney…one is a lesser good, and one is a major life altering event. The only difference is the scale, the magnitude. All small things add up.

Sometimes all it costs us is a little time, a word, an encouragement. But we have to participate. We cannot just stand on the sidelines and watch. In all things, whether great or small the worth of our entire existence is in the doing, the worthwhile doing, the doing of good. Remember it when you tip your server, or when you give your blood. Think about it when you deal with a family member or a complete stranger. Consider it before you speak, and most certainly before you act.

Tomorrow is World kindness day. Wouldn’t it be a good day to start and just never stop?

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