Self Sufficient??

I guess by the end of  November in 2020, I will know if I’m going to have to put in a wood stove for heat, break out my shotgun for deer hunting, and my .22 for squirrels.

I’ll know if I’m gonna need to get my fishing rod and gear out to go down to  Chickamauga creek to fish for bream, bass and catfish. I’ll break into my stored up pinto beans, buy me some laying hens to go in the woods behind my yard, like the local country folks do. I’ll know it’s gonna be a hard candy Christmas, and a sad New year.

I’ll come up with enough to pay for food and gas if I can, but the rest of them can see “Helen Waite” who works in the complaint department, cause if they don’t like it cause they ain’t gettin paid….. they can go to “Helen Waite”

First person that comes near my yard with anything on which resembles a uniform, or with a look of bad intent gets both my mean little wienie dogs sic’d on em.

I don’t get blind mad about much, but not getting paid, or having my Social Security and Medicare cut is one of the things that’ll do it. I might survive without them, but if I have to start being thataway it’s gonna be hard to go back to being my kind upstanding self.

Nuff said, I reckon.

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