Saving our World

“There will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050 unless more recycling takes place. That is what a new report from the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation warns. If the current trend continues, the report said, oceans will contain one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish in 2025.”

This is mainly due to the increase of wealth in China and India, and the fact that they are spending more money on better food.

It’s also due to stupid people. A couple of weeks ago when it was pouring down rain here in town, I was driving home and noticed the ditches were overflowing with water. When I passed by where the huge pipes were dug through to turn into people’s driveways, I saw they were totally clogged with trash. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper, white plastic bags marked “Walmart” or “Dollar General” All manner of things that should be recycled, but were thrown out the window or dumped into the ditches by people. Stupid people.

We worry about a variety of things. Politics fills the pages of this medium every day. We worry who is going to run what and be what, and do what. We should be worried for the world our grandchildren are going to inherit. Will they even have clean water to drink? Will there be enough food for them to eat? Will the air be pure enough to breathe?

Our country should be leading in this effort, but we’re not. We’re back peddling.

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