I’ve got to go to a place very deep inside me, and think for a while. I don’t go there very often, perhaps not often enough. I let the things of the world take me too much attention to issues of no importance as if they really mattered a hill of beans. In reality nothing matters as much as the peace that can be found in that deep, dark and secret place that dwells in all of us. Call it what you will.

Taking Care of my Home

For so many years I did not take care of my spirit’s dwelling place. I abused it with improper fuel, not enough rest, and too hard and extreme of a work ethic. Also too much worry over insignificant things. I did not have nearly enough respect for the precious home I was created into.

I can never totally undo the damage I have done through my neglect and apathy, but I try hard every day now to preserve and improve upon what I have left. By doing so, I feel closer to the creator. I feel more affinity for nature and its beauty. I feel more respect for all other life.

I wish and hope by continuing on this path to live a better and perhaps longer “rest of my life” All of you who are younger, you have even a better chance than I do of becoming more fulfilled. Please use that chance, you will shine brighter if you do.