Taking Care of my Home

For so many years I did not take care of my spirit’s dwelling place. I abused it with improper fuel, not enough rest, and too hard and extreme of a work ethic. Also too much worry over insignificant things. I did not have nearly enough respect for the precious home I was created into.

I can never totally undo the damage I have done through my neglect and apathy, but I try hard every day now to preserve and improve upon what I have left. By doing so, I feel closer to the creator. I feel more affinity for nature and its beauty. I feel more respect for all other life.

I wish and hope by continuing on this path to live a better and perhaps longer “rest of my life” All of you who are younger, you have even a better chance than I do of becoming more fulfilled. Please use that chance, you will shine brighter if you do.

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