The Perspective of Life

Everybody looks at things from a different perspective. Two people looking at the same exact painting see it differently. People looking at a situation see different parts.

Where one will notice the shadows, the other will see the light. One may be sad, the other retrospect.

It is amazing how we humans are so much the same, yet so vastly different. The little differences and variations in our genetic makeup coupled with our environmental immersion makes for a jumbled up, mixed bag of what we call humanity.

Most of the time, our nuanced differences produce humans who can at least tolerate each other, and at the highest level love each other. The occasional deviant does occur, however, but generally those are people who have lacked love as part of the equation of their life.

So, when you interact with others, try the love formula first, second and third. I’ll almost guarantee it will produce a good result.

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