I went up and got my stuff this morning from where I had set up to sale some junk and stuff at the “World’s Longest Yard Sale” I was there three days, and thanks to a nice shade tree and help from my son I persevered through the sale. As I drove out and back every day, the roadsides were loaded with vendors and during the day filled up with buyers looking for that “sensational bargain” or a finding an expensive collectible for a “little of nothing” I had to stop for a moment and thing about it, an then sighed to myself and wondered “what point in the future will the government stop us from doing this?” Since the invention and implementation of the “computer” age and especially since the epochal disaster of “911”, I have seen our freedoms eroded, taken from us in plain sight, stolen from us in the dead of night, baffling us with political BS, misdirecting and misleading us about insignificant things while slicing thin, thin slices of our freedom from the rights our forefathers gave us. It wasn’t that many years ago when you didn’t have to worry that much about the government “getting in your personal business” You didn’t have to have a signed piece of paper, or a license to do every dang thing under the sun!

Now they use spy drones in Minnesota to take pictures of a baby fawn at an animal shelter before sending a dozen armed officers in the kill it. (true story…Google it and see..go Scott Walker..) Anytime you get “online” and do anything…what you do is subject to inspection by somebody, somewhere “up there” Officers of the law and Homeland Security Officers are being “desensitized” by practicing to shoot “zombies” so that when the time may come they won’t think anything about shooting real people. (yep, that’s true too…) Our way of life…our current way of life in America…is going to change drastically at some time in the future. I don’t know when…I don’t know how…maybe against all odds it will NOT happen…but until then I going to continue to enjoy the “world’s longest yard sale” and all the OTHER more important freedoms our country stands for, and continue to try and do everything I can to keep those freedoms.

Poem of Today

Porcupine porcelain,

Portable pork,

Red regression,

Before New York

Penniless peasants

Romaine lettuce,

What remains

Is what upset us.

Warmongers, Whoremongers,

Who shut the door mongers

Lower and lower,

Descending Delights.

Check it out, Checking in.

Let me know when the end