Sometimes I know when I am seriously in thought I probably don’t look too friendly. I may appear to be scowling, but I’m not…believe me. My mind wanders like a greased pig on slick ice. I’m all over the place. I can’t seem to concentrate on over one thing at a time anymore. I might say “uh-huh” and didn’t understand a word you said. Part of it might be my hearing. I was “borderline” on the last hearing test I took before I left work. Probably the results of a LOT of noisy factories, and some loud Garth Brooks concerts. (That one in B’ham got me…I couldn’t hear normally for three weeks!) OR it could just be selective hearing. Nevertheless, please don’t think me rude..I can’t seem to help it.

I’m praying for a lot of friends tonight. There’s a lot who need it. I hope some pray for me too. Regardless of the fact that I quit going to Church regular, I ain’t lost my religion, my humanity, or my philosophy of life which is live and let live, give when you can, what you can and care about all life big and small.

Perhaps I am getting old because I appear to ramble. Anyway, if I walk by you with my head down and a blank look on my face just holler “hey” and that will get my attention and we will talk. I like you…believe me I really do….I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Going to the Movies

I don’t get to take my wife out near as often as she deserves, but we did get take in lunch and a movie this past week. It was “Guardians of the Galaxy” a very fun flic.

I always notice how comfortable and secure I feel in a theatre. Guess almost all of us my age and a little older get that warmth. For me, it all stems from being “movie goer” since….well I can’t remember how long ago. I still remember walking from our house on Simmons street in 1959 to watch the cowboy movies at the old Trion Cinema. What a wonderful place that was.

Mom and Dad never thought a thing about letting a 9 year old boy walk by himself to the “show” back then. Something parents are more careful about nowadays.

So when I would sink down in those old deep cushioned chairs back then it was a wonderful feeling.

That’s never ever gone away, not in all those 54 years since. Even now, just as soon as the movie starts, I’m magically transported away from the reality of who I am and what’s bothering me, to whatever world is on that huge screen. From Roy Rogers, to Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh in GWTW. From “2001” to “Star Wars” and “LOTR” Saw a lot of movies I loved, some I hated, and some I was just downright indifferent to…

I know a lot of people wait for movies to be released to the “home screen” but it’s just not the same. I’m not so sure about this 3D thing though. If I had wanted to be IN the movie I woulda auditioned! I guess it’s kinda fun though.

Fear Mongering

We are living in the golden age of mankind right now. Despite what you hear, despite what some would like you to think, humans are better off in all aspects of life now than at any point in history.

The only other era which could even come close was the most austere days of the Roman Republic…even over the so called “Pax Romana” because even during that time Rome was ruled by a dictator.

If humanity were not living in our greatest age ever, there would certainly be fewer of us! Our health is better. A smaller percentage of us die from war and famine. We are better educated. Our food and homes are better. Etcetera. Oh, there are still many who require help…but the many could assist the few if they had a mind to do it, coupled with a compassionate, giving spirit.

We are all in the midst of an instant communication age with no constraints to prevent even the most blatant of lies from being told…and believed by many.

Certain people and groups want us all to live in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of those who are different. Fear of pain or death. Death will come to us all, but in it’s own time. We cannot let the fear of it paralyze us.

Refuse to listen to the fear-mongers and hate sowers. Live with at least a little optimism that there will be a tomorrow for us, and for our children and grandchildren.

Let us not become self fulfilling prophecy “pawns” for the chess-masters of chaos who bombard us with their doomsday BS day in and day out. Reject them. It’s in your power to do so.