A Little “Respect”


Have you forgotten to say “please” and “thank you” Did you ever KNOW to say them?

I could go onI think, even worse still is the lack of respec

How many of us remember rocking out to “RESPECT” by Aretha Franklin? Ah. yeah, c’mon now, raise your hand. Yea, I thought so. Almost everybody.

It turns out that respect is one of the most basic things which humanity seems to be lacking. As individuals many of us do great. Some of us not so good. A few people do bad…or worse, they become criminals due to a lack of respect for other people, property, or the law.

Have you ever cut off any people wanting to get in front of you in a lane you are riding in, when you really and truly had time to let them in? You just mumbled ‘screw you’ and acted like you didn’t see them? How about a little respect? I mean really…did you need to?

Have you trash talked or bad mouthed one of your children using words that would shame a 40-year-old adult Wrestler in the WWA? Have you done that to other people in the presence of your children?


How about a little respect? As Daniel Tiger of “Mr. Roger’s neighborhood” fame says…take a deep breath and count to four.

Has your kid talked to YOU this way? How about a little discipline for them to teach them some respect?

How about making sure that they respect adults who surround them during their everyday lives. Teachers, restaurant workers, policemen, and just plain old common run of the mill people.

Almost every person alive and out there walking around deserves respect, …until they prove they don’t. If they get to the point of becoming sociopaths, then legal remedies need to be used to remove them from society before they hurt innocent people. Think about this when you discipline your kids. Keep in mind that they are going to have to interact with a whole host of people in their lives who don’t know them and love them like you do, so having a little respect will make things a whole lot easier for them.
Have you passed somebody you knew at Wal-Mart, or any other local yokel shopping conglomeration and just ignored them simply because you didn’t want to take 30 seconds or a minute to have a “howdy how are ya’ conversation? How about a little respect?

Have you left the toilet seat down (or up)?

t that some politicians who are wanting to become “leaders” of our country have for people. People who don’t agree with them are belittled, bullied, and treated like they are “stupid”
You have to ask yourselves if that is the example we want our children and grandchildren to follow.

All I know is that my Daddy taught me to say “yessir” and “yes ma’am” when I was a kid and if I didn’t show proper respect to my elders, things definitely didn’t turn out well “in the end”

Respect. Define it. Use it. Live by it.

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