Is there any such thing as real justice?

I guess it depends upon your beliefs.  After all, justice is a human term.  Good and evil are human inventions.

Or are they?

It depends upon your beliefs.

I think the worst injustice which ever happened to me personally, was to be taught to treat people differently simply because of their color, or their sexuality, or their actions. It was injustice to have it inferred that women were inferior to men.  All these things were not laid out in a book of instructions, but shown to me by the word and some of the actions of parents, grandparents, kin, religious leaders, peers and others.

Not everything laid out strictly and openly, but some things very subtle and demurred.

Again, that’s another “human” acquired trait.  To hate.  To learn to hate.  I’m not sure how long it took that one to develop during the course of our evolution.  Of course, there are many who don’t believe in evolution.  A lot of people believe that we humans were created from the dirt of the earth, and had a soul inserted into us by a divine creator.  Many people believe we humans were created in the very image of God himself.  Himself.  Not herself, or itself.

I personally believe that we are created, but I see no reason that science and the belief in a creation have to be a separate thing.  I think that however we were created, it was by design and it could have been done through science and evolution.  It didn’t have to be done by “magic” either white or black.  It didn’t have to be done by anything which we humans understand even a little bit.  I don’t think we have too much of a clue about the “actualities” of things.

So, I wonder “in the beginning” as human beings were developing, was there good and evil.  At some point we had to come up with a  definition for both of these, because without it, there could be no sense of justice or injustice.  First comes good and evil, then comes the need for justice.  I understand that it didn’t have to happen all at once.  The Cro-Magnon men and women didn’t have a meeting one day back in the caves of France and decide in a conference what things constituted human good and what constituted human evil.  It probably just developed over time through “outcomes”  A human would do something within the tribe or community in which he lived, and others didn’t approve of the thing that was done.  Somebody took somebody else’s food without permission.  That probably was not considered a good attribute pretty quickly.

Things of a sexual nature probably came much later than the food stealing thing.  After all, I don’t think humans realized that sex caused babies for a long time.  I’m not sure how soon taboos were put into place concerning male and female gender associative relationships.  Some of them were in place during early historical times.  In Egypt, in Babylon, in the early Maya and Inca civilizations.

Without true justice in the Universe, then what good are we human beings?  What good is our culture and society if there is not a true justice, not particularly in this life, but in the afterlife.  After we are dead and leave this world, if there is no justice for things we did or didn’t do on Earth, then what are we doing here?  What good is life.

We know there have been many, many evil people down through history who have gotten away with all the dastardly and heinous thing they have done on Earth and have died without having to submit to any form of human justice.  Will there be no punishment for them for their sins?  At the same time, there have certainly been many people who were innocent of terrible things of which they have been accused, and who suffered awful punishments and death, unjustly.  Will there be no atonement for them after they die?

These questions sometimes cause me to question life itself.  They cause me to ask myself, is there true justice or is it just a pipedream.

One day perhaps I’ll figure it out….or find out.




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