He ain’t heavy (he’s my burger)

Ok…all you folks who work at fast food restaurants at the windows….the phrase is: “Sorry you had to wait” NOT “Sorry ABOUT your wait…(weight??) The first time someone said this to me…I thought they musta’ noticed my big belly going through Wendy’s to get ANOTHER large Frosty. Well….after losing some of the belly I belatedly realized they were trying to apologize for their untimeliness in getting me my “fast” food, after only a 15 minute weight. I really got the message one day when a little lady brought my bag of Chicken out to the truck and says: “Sorry about your weight…” and I said in return: “Well..I’m sorry that you’re short!” After she glared at me and stomped off I figured I would quit trying to get the point across in a “comedic” way. In any case…if you’ve had this phrase used on you, well just tell the person…”hey, I ain’t THAT heavy..”

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