As the World Turns

Look at the world around you right now.  Do you think everything is ok?  Everything hunkey dory?  Are you looking?

Hear anybody saying hateful things about other people?  Do you think that the there’s a reduction in the amount of love in the world?  In America?

If we had a big ol’ motor that kept the world turning, that ran off of love don’t you think the world would be turning a little slower?

I’ve seen it, and I’ve heard it over the past few years, and I’ve heard people say that it’s something that “can’t be helped”  It’s something that’s “meant to be”  I’ve heard people say it’s because it’s “end times”  People always say it’s coming from “the other side” or “the left” or ” the right”  It’s this or that race, this or that sexuality, this or that creed or culture, this or that religion.  “Them people are the ones causing the problem, not us”


When we think that way, it’s we who are the problem, and the world slows down in it’s turning a little more every day.


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