Trade Day

There was a song once that said: “You got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” I guess over the years I have tried to stand for truth, believe it or not.

I guess I’ve also stood for “trade day”

I used to think it was pretty sad when it boils down to standing for Trade day. However, trade day has become a reflection of our society over the years, a place of gathering, and a place to pass some time with friends.  Perhaps then, it is not such a bad thing for which to stand.

I’ve had some memorable happenings there over the past 40 years.  I have a lot of good friends who I only see if I go there.  It’s no longer just for “bargain hunting”

I have passed many hours discussing everything from the mundanities of politics to the meaning of life at Trade day. I have made many friends and acquaintances there. The gospel is spread at Trade day, as well as the devil.  Seems like more of the devil lately though.

There’s a man who gives away bibles, and a man who sells them. You see people’s treasures from years gone by. You see the things which people have bought at a high price that they decided they didn’t need and are now selling for a pittance.

For centuries the centers of power in the world have been at markets. A lot of politics and political discussions have taken place there over the years. It usually hasn’t been blind hatred however, at least not until pretty recently.

When it gets to the point where men are “damning” women to hell for wearing nose rings, or for their “excessive” tattoos, it’s getting pretty bad. I spoke very harshly to the man who walked up to the table where I was dealing with another man, and started spouting that nonsense.

“I’ll say what I want to, this is America.” He said.

I asked him who he thought he was to try and run everyone else’s life. “I’m a Christian man.” He said.

“Hardly” I said, as I walked off.  I knew better than to stick around

Last Saturday I had another guy I’d never seen before come up to the table where I was selling. He had on a MAGA hat.

“You got any Trump buttons” he asked

“Nope, I don’t carry any Trump merchandise” I said.

“Well, just kiss my ass then” he said

He hurriedly left before I got my baseball bat out of my truck.

I now hear the “n” word bantered around every week.  I hear people directing others to “not buy your produce from the Mexicans”.

To be fair though, I also hear more people take offense to the white people who are saying these things. There’s more of a “one camp versus the other” mentality. It’s not nearly as pleasant as it used to be, and I don’t think it will be again for a while. I’ve got stuff I need to get rid of, and to make a little money, so I’m going to keep on going.  I suspect there may be more words with folks too, but I just can’t help myself.  You’ve got to stand for something, as I previously said.

Some people cannot live and let live It seems, nor do they know the golden rule.  They may claim to be religious, but their type of religion leaves a bitter, rotten taste in my mouth.  I hope a change will be in the wind soon, but I’m not overly optimistic.  I pray we find our balance as a country, because we are really walking a high wire right now, and it’s a long way to the ground.



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