My Little Town

I need to restrain the urging of my heart to complain about the current shift in the demographics of my town and my region, and listen to my brain as it’s telling me that change is inevitably.

Even though I knew that our little town is majority Hispanic/Native American.. .it did not really hit home for me until I was walking through Frogtown on Monday and ever person I saw was Hispanic. I was the stranger in a strange land. It was eery and something I could have never imagined as a child. And yet it is here, and here to stay. What can you do about it, but accept it and work with it. Most of these people are Guatemalan and are very friendly people when you take the time to know them. I stop and talk with them pretty often. They are here to try and have a better life. Who can blame them?

I regret the takeover of the convenience stores by the mainly Indian population. The stores tend to just become beer, pill, porn, tobacco, lottery havens. I stopped at one on the way back from Mentone today and pulled a 99 cent drink out of the cooler and then just stood there for five minutes while the guy fiddled first with his nacho machine, then the gas pumps. Never made contact, or said “I’ll be right with you” I left his drink on the counter, and voiced my displeasure….having already being put in a bad mood earlier by a different group of folks. I don’t mind them owning convenience stores but I’m pretty sure I won’t be giving them much business. If any….

I say all this, to get to this point: Change is hard sometimes. Change is not always embraced with open arms but instead one has to be dragged kicking and screaming towards it. Such is the case with me. I think everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in this country. Even the current majority population. I know, we have been given a stacked deck in the past, but the cards are being dealt more fairly now.

I really wanted that lemonade, but just was not willing to be ignored. As Captain Call said in Lonesome Dove “I hate rude behavior in a man, I won’t tolerate it.” I don’t know whether it’s old age or not, but I’m getting the same way.

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