The X men…or women.

I enjoyed reading Marvel comics when I was a kid. Loved all the Marvel heroes. I have loved all the movies, they’ve really been big productions! Quite a work of fantasy isn’t it? Mutants! People who were born with mutations of their genes, which give them extraordinary powers. But it’s all science fiction….or is it?

I just read this week, and saw it on the news where a lady in Scotland is a mutant. That’s right, she’s a mutant. She feels no pain, her wounds heal twice as fast as normal, and has no sense of fear or anxiety. She’s never been afraid, or nervous.

This, to my way of thinking, has some major implications. Scientists say her condition is “rare”. ( they call it a condition instead of a mutation….but it’s a mutation). But how rare? If one person in a million was a mutant….of some type, that’d be roughly….lemme’ see….7 billion people…umm, 7000? Is that right math people? Suppose it’s one out of every half million. 14 thousand? What are the “powers” of these Mutants? As we continue to breed each and every single day, and more and more humans are born, will the mutations become more “manifest” type powerful mutations?

Will we have Mutant Super heroes (and villains) one day? Are they already here? I’m just saying, one little ol’ 73 year old Scottish lady ain’t the only one out there with a special set of genes. My guess is that human genomic variations are going to become more and more frequent. Nature senses that humanity needs change in order to survive….themselves among other things, and will accelerate the evolution of humans through mutations which will become permanent traits. I don’t know what they will be. Maybe special genes which make us more peaceful. I personally would take feeling no pain, but more than that, would take a gene that prevented fear and anxiety. Oh heck yes…in a heartbeat I’d take that one! Imagine how much more peaceful society would be if we were able to remove fear and anxiety.

It’d be one hell of a start towards peace, goodwill for all men.

Mutants. They’re out there. Let’s hope they’re the good ones.

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