The Direction of America

I think after seeing and hearing about the “cheating scandals” this week, that I’m disheartened with the overall direction America has taken in the last 30 years or so. I see the results of the inadequacy of our ability to maintain the quality of our country’s intellect in many places.

Just as an example tonight on a game show, a young lady in her mid twenties was being asked questions on a game show. She knew the colors of “The Gaps” logo in an instant. “Blue and White” she shouted. Her next question was: “On what continent is Egypt?” She struggled…..”uh….Asia?” Asia?? Down the Shute she went.

I see it many other places too. On a daily basis. At stores, at the flea market, at ball fields, etc., many examples. Mundane stuff sometimes. Stuff people should know most times. So, if you don’t know stuff, then you have to depend on people….or machines, that you trust, to give you the answers. That’s very dangerous, because there are very few of either in which you can truly place your trust. What ends up happening a lot of times, is that people end up believing lies, or half truths…. are the truth.

The super rich in this country definitely don’t want an educated populace. Some of them, as we have learned, want to buy their kids way into the top Universities, pay people to keep their grades up, or simply put your daughter on a yacht with the president of a University. They’ll get that piece of paper! But, it won’t be worth anything, not that it matters in their case…they’ll just hop on YouTube and get a following, or start a make up line, and make a billion. In those cases, you gotta “have money to make money”

I think the days of the “Horatio Alger” rags to riches stories in America, are about over. There might be a few, but not too many in years to come. I know….you could name me some now….Gates, Bezos, others. But, for the most part, most people are going to have a harder and harder time climbing outside the basic social strata into which they were born. Especially, if our current system of education keeps being eroded by our federal and state governments.

Ahh…I’m getting off to read a book. Lots of other people should too. Good night.

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