I have to say, this New Year….this new decade, seems to have crept up on me without me having had much time to prepare. I’d like to start it off anew by saying:

If I have offended you in any way in this past year, I apologize. It may happen again this year….but perhaps not.

If I have made you laugh or smile this past year, it makes me happy.

If I have shared an image or picture which you liked, it’s my pleasure.

If we have had thoughts of concern, or for wishes for better health for others, then may others do the same for us as we need it.

If we have shared our weaknesses, let us be stronger next year.

If we are concerned about changing the world for the good, let us persevere, let us do the right things. Let us reject things we know to be false, and strive for truth.

If we have loved, let’s continue to love. If we have hated…let us instead try love!

Let us all remember that life is short.

I can’t express to my family how much I love them for the memories and help and laughter we have shared this past year. I hope we have many more years ahead to build good memories.

That Scotsman Robert Burns said:

“We two have paddled in the stream,

from morning sun till dine† ;

But seas between us broad have roared

since auld lang syne.”

There are many people with whom I have “paddled in the stream” of life with over the years who are not here for this celebration of “days gone by” The older we get, the more that happens.

Tonight when the ball drops, IF I am still awake I will remember them….and in the way of life as memories go, I will think of all the good times and none of the bad. Let’s make our memories goods ones in 2020, so when someone sings auld lang syne and we are not here they will remember US fondly.

The best of New Years to you my friends and family.

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