Sandy Hook requiem from 2012

Seven years have passed and nothing has changed…….

Every time I scroll Facebook now I see another photo of one of the poor little children who were so senselessly murdered. It doesn’t get any easier not to cry..not to care.

I can’t imagine those parents, those families…. what they are being forced to endure through no fault of their own. No words exist which could ever fully comfort them. No amount of money or wordly goods will bring back their lost joy.

Don’t we owe it to them to at least try…at the very least try as a country to do better? To be better? It is time for us as a country to quit pointing fingers…but instead to join hands and dream some solutions into that as we continue to look at the photos of those babies over the coming years we don’t get a whispered question from them….”why haven’t you done something yet?”

Is the blood of children not enough to move us to act? If it’s not…then perhaps we really are beyond help.

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