Our dual life

Inside each of us there are two people. There is the “public” us, the person we show to everyone else around….we show the things we want people to see, the things we think people want to see, the things we think will get us ahead, the things that will make us accepted. Most of our outside life is reflective of this image.

Then there is the “private” us, the being who keeps things secret, the person who most accurately reflects what we really are, the us we share with practically nobody. The things which perhaps others around us could never accept, or would accept with only malice.or misunderstanding. The life we think about when we lay awake in bed at night.

We all are two, no matter what we may think. I believe the more of the private “us” we can show, the more spiritually and mentally healthy we will be. It’s hard though, and I believe it can never be totally and completely done.

There’s always that part of us of which we will never let go.

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