Fake Russian Sites- be warned they are still there and strong

People have to remember that there’s a LOT of Fake Facebook sites out there, especially ones concerning very sensitive issues with American voters. Just as an example, LifeAction. It’s a confirmed Russian site that has a .com and a .org address connected with it. These sites feed fake information, baby pictures, doctored videos, fake news stories to other Fake sites dealing with abortion. Their influence, and the influence of other fake Russian sites is massive, because Facebook will NOT do anything about them. All the owners of Facebook care about IS the money. The Russian sites want to continue to divide Americans.

Memes and stories with deceptive information are easy to share. Just hit the button and boom….it’s shared. It’s a free country, and I suppose people can share what they want to, fake or not, but it’s really easy to confirm sometimes, it just takes a few minutes. Remember if it’s something that plays heavily to your emotions or your beliefs, check it out before you post it. Mostly, if you feel strongly about something, do what I usually do and use your own words. Thanks.

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