The Lone Hummingbird

I look forward to each day. Every hour.

I sat at the table in our kitchen this evening and watched the birds at the feeders and birdbath.

The one, single lonesome hummingbird too. He is the only one who has come all summer long. He comes every day, regularly.

I used to see dozens in years past, but in a strange way just this single bird will suffice now. More than that…he will surpass. He will excel, because he needs the nectar from that bottle I have hanging up. I don’t see any good flowers off down in the woods. Just trees. I like to think I’m really helping the little guy out.

I saw the other day where somebody was saying in a post that feeding birds and other wild animals is doing them some sort of injustice. It’s keeping them from doing things naturally. Depriving them from their natural state of living.

I had to laugh, because when I see that one little tiny, green hummingbird come get him a drink every day, he looks happy as heck as he’s flitting off down in the woods.

He’s looking forward to every minute, every hour that he’s got here on this good Earth.