The Orlando Massacre- 2016

If we are to beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks, somebody must go first. Somewhere, sometime, somebody must take the first step.

And yet I see nobody headed towards the anvils. I see nobody headed to the fields to plant their crops. I only see humanity continue to sew the seeds of hatred and discord.

I could have very well gotten into a fight this morning. Yet I did not. I sat and held my tongue as a table of “fine” men laughed about the killing of innocent people.

I bit the sides of my mouth as another table of younger men, with bible verses on the back of their shirts, looked up at the tv on the wall in the front of the restaurant and one big healthy, young bearded good old boy in that group laughed and said that they “got what was coming to ’em'” and then got up shortly and left…perhaps to “get ready for church”.

And I know fair well that while many expressed shock and sympathy at the murder of these innocent people, deep down in their secret heart of hearts, where nobody can see, they were not all that sympathetic.

I don’t say all…God knows that I do not say that.

I know hundreds of families in this country right now are suffering and grieving, and I know there are good people from all walks of life and of all describable characteristics who are helping them and grieving with them.

All I do know is that the more “swords and spears” which exist, which people willingly take up in order to harm others, not for protection…or as old Jed Clampett said: “to keep his family fed”…..the more of those which are taken up and used in hatred and anger…the harder, and harder, and harder it’s going to be to beat them into plowshears and pruning hooks.

I’ve already read all the same old arguments out there, read the same old lines of hatred, directed towards the same people about this murderous spree in Orlando. Same things were said at Sandy Hook, and Charleston. And tomorrow the sales of swords and spears will again spike.

So it’s going to be hard for peace to come. It’s going to be hard for love to prevail, when there is so much hatred out there, so much hatred…and a lot of it coming from the places and people who are supposed to be the emissaries of the words of life.

How are we going to beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks when they are so blood soaked that the blacksmith will not even touch them.

We cannot walk together in harmony when we are so many miles apart, and nobody will take the first step towards healing.

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